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Week Away

2008-07-12 10:25:44 by Bob-Music

Well, manged to get some things uploaded while my girlfriend's on holiday.

They are mostly from the "Drum & Dreams" projects that I'm working on. Everything is made entirely on Fruity Loops, let me know what you think please.

Week Away


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2008-07-14 23:55:02

Yeh, yo stuff is awesome, i like your drum n bass more. =D

Bob-Music responds:

Thanks, glad you like it, I hope everyone else feels the same!


2008-07-31 14:10:53

i spek anglsh durn well. good sir. i m just embarrassed of myself.

Bob-Music responds:

OK, that's fair enough I guess..............oh I remember you, that makes a lot more sense now!


2008-09-06 17:21:43

dude--- are you wearing a LAMPSHADE on your head?! man that is COOL. why didn't i think of that? the cool insiration waves are directed to your head. maybe that's why your songs are cool.

Bob-Music responds:

Damn, you've discovered the secret of my success!