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Oh yeah

Spot on, bit short but very well animated and it definately needed doing


That was actually pretty good! Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say

Ghoulz responds:

Thats good enough for me.


I wasn't quite sure of some of the storyline bits, but the animation was suberb throughout. Really liked it when it cut to him shooting people in different places and there was just that one guy sitting on the toilet chillin' :0)


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Pretty good

I think it was a little bit slow and repetative but other than that it was a very well made and thought out game. Good storyline and graphics and not too difficult or too easy

Very well made

Well made and easy to control, but it was a little too easy really. It seems that if you don't move they just wait next to you?

Still, looks great and was fun so good job

Good work

A really great piece of Flash-work, unfortunately Sonic is all about speed and Flash seems to lack that somewhat.

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Surprisingly nice

Great progression throughout, a thoroughly enjoyable listen :)

Theledge93 responds:

Thanks Bud!

This is....

pretty damn sweet! Love the synth bass and all the sounds you used, well done.

Vertigo1986 responds:

Thanks Bob! Yeah i love this track! I went back to it a couple days ago but really could not find a way to improve it any more than its current level haha! Mabey in the future when i get better i can think of something. Thanks for the review bob, ima check out some of your stuff!

Really Good

My only complaint is that towards the end it sounds a little distorted. Really good use of instruments though throughout and it sounds great

DigohD responds:

I tried to pump in as much bass as possible without getting it to distorted. The level of distortion also depends on what headset, speakers you are using.

Thanks for the review!

Pretty new to making music and very new to NG, wish I'd found this place earlier!

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